The materials presented on this web-site represent the work of Joe and Sayuri Adams over the last seventeen years (1995-2012) while working together and raising a family between Isawa-cho, Japan and Dahlonega, Georgia, USA. Upon Joe's graduation from the University of Hawaii with an MA in History in 1995, Joe and Sayuri began developing materials for kids ages 7-and-up while teaching in the public schools, grades 1-9 in Yamanashi-ken, Japan 1995-1998. Sayuri was already a veteran primary school teacher, having taught every grade, 1-6; and Joe was a participant in the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) program 1995-1998, a G.L.O.B.E. Japan teacher and local club leader of the Children's Ecology Program (Kodomo Eco-Club) program in Nakamichi-cho 1996-1998. Joe and Sayuri authored and illustrated several stories for introducing Japanese kids to basic global studies using a "big history" perspective and English-as-a-second language. Follow-up research on their curriculum in 1998 conducted by the Yamanashi-ken University Center for Educational Research (Yamanashi Daigaku Kyouikugakubu Kyuikujissen Kenkyushido Center).
The materials on for native English speaking kids ages 14-and-up, stem from Joe's teaching experiences since 1999 at North Georgia College and State University (Chinese and World History), Gainesville College (American and World History), the University of Georgia (2001 AP World History workshop), Oglethorpe High School 2000-2001 (World History, English Composition, and World Geography), and Walton High School 2001-2002, where Joe piloted a two year pre-AP and AP World History program for ninth and tenth graders. Between 2003 and 2008, Joe was a national exam reader for the College Board on the annual AP World History test. He and Sayuri currently teach Japanese language/culture, and Global Studies at the International Appalachian Academy near Dahlonega, GA.
  Katuah Construction and Revival Gardens Organic Produce sponsor the web-site. World Class Learning Alliance is the umbrella organization for all of these projects, programs, and related groups that provide assistance and materials. Our goal has been, and continues to be, enriching our studies at the local level with relevant global context for comparison. The International Appalachian Academy is the main venue for extracurricular programs and exchange projects that compliment students studies in the public school and home-school contexts.

Alliance Links with explanations:

Joseph Adams' curriculum vitae
Revival Gardens Organic Produce (our family farm and sponsor of chemical and biological sampling, gardening and culinary events)
Lumpkin Coalition (co-collaborator on annual river clean-ups in Lumpkin County, Georgia)
The G.L.O.B.E. (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program (World Class Learning is a registered GLOBE school using GLOBE Protocals to submit data on our invertebrate studies done on sites along the Etowah River.)
Georgia Adopt-a-Stream certifying agency of the State of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources providing training in biological and chemical sampling of sites "adopted" by groups monitoring steams and rivers in the
Rivers Alive (main organizer and sponsor for the annual river clean-up World Class Learning Alliance, Revival Gardens, and the International Academy has been participating in since 2002
JET Program (20 years in operation, bringing over 5000 graduates of universities of English-speaking countries into primary, junior high, and high schools)
GLOBE Japan (in Japanese) (with schools in over 130 countries participating, this framework provides super support for data collection and exchange projects, and if you can't use Japanese, you can access the schools through the site too.
Article on Japan's Kodomo Eco-Club (in English)
Kodomo Eco-Club (in Japanese) (sponsored by Japan's Department of the Environment, this program for primary school students, both in schools and private, is unique in that it promotes ecological observation and actions to improve the local environment)

Published Research in Japan

「みんなの誕生パーティー:AETとのティームティーチングによる小学校における国際理解教育の改善」山梨大学教育学部教育実践研究指導センター研究紀要 教育実践学研究 第4号.1998.7.pp.71-83