Bringing the outside in through building design that entices you into wild spaces.

steps that take the lead from the contours and features of the mountain

notice the bench on the lower left -- lean way back and look up this grandfather white pine

this entertainment area is is built 50ft above the river below and the retainer walls (left side)
serve erosion control for the water flowing off of the rock above during heavy rains


the ground is not disturbed along the river and all structures rest on the surface,
the stair stringers being anchored to the retainer wall above

all of the boarwalks and stairways above the river are anchored by the retainer wall above

This sauna benches were constructed out of #2 cedar planed on the exposed sides only

this southside sunroom addition warms the cabin nicely during the day;
the planter inside steps up onto the mountainside, water from the mountain
flowing into and out of the planter

And to two of my carpentry/building Mentors, Daryl Weiser and Larry Winn, this is to let you know what I haven't forgotten.