This year will make thirty-two years on the land here at Revival Gardens,
about seven miles west of Dahlonega, GA on twelve acres along the Etowah River,
We'll be building on last year's success with our second annual CSA
(Community-Supported-Agriculture) plan in which customers can subscribe
to a season (late spring/early summer and/or late summer/early)

The next dinner will be on February 16th, at 6:30p.m.
salad: spinach, kale, and romaine with
            miso/ginger/carrot/celery/onion dressing
soup: chickweed, onion, corn, egg, wild onion in
            a vegetable broth
main: roll-your-own sushi (TEMAKIZUSHI)
            sweetened vinegar seasoned rice, cucumber,
            carrots, avocado, pickled daikon, shitake
             mushrooms, eggs, kelp seaweed, capelin roe (masago),
            and fish-based "crab-meat"
desert: dark chocolate almond pastry with green tea

$18 donation per adult, $7 per child, dinner starts at 6:30, please
bring drinks/glasses, and RSVP/ASAP and let us know if we can
accommodate any dietary needs (vegetarian/non-gluten/non-dairy)

Three Arrows will perform a few songs after the dinner for those who wish to stay.

Thank you for your kind support this year!

Joe and Sayuri
Revival Gardens USDA-Certified Organic Produce
706 265-5502

Contact at or 706 265-5502

And if you don't have time to make something yourself, Sayuri can make it for you: cornbread, 8 grain bread, macha tea cake, and anything else you can coax her into making! Itadakimasu!

Japanese Sakuraso in bloom January/Februar/MarchJust order it at least one day in advance (just like your produce order), and we'll have it fresh and ready for you when you pick-up your order.

Here are a few items that Sayuri can make for you to help us keep the farm going!

--Cornbread (made with our organic corn) serves 5 or 6 $6.00 donation
--Tea cake--brandy pound cake make with our fresh organic eggs serves 12 slices $7.00 donation
--8 Grain Bread -- fresh baked with all organic ingredients corn meal, flax seed flour, oat flour, wheat flour, buckwheat flour, teff flour, rye flour, soy flour, plus walnuts, sunflower seeds -- "hits the spot like a steak!" $8.00 donation for a large loaf

Rather Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables, but need some help getting started, or maintaining it? We can help with your home garden design, preparation, and maintenance for fresh-picking year-round on your land. We will grade, terrace, till, test-soil, spread rock lime, and plant using methods requiring the least maintanence for you. We can provide you with the varieties of fruit and nut trees, berries, vines, and vegetables best-suited for your land. We can even maintain it so that you can simply enjoy picking it when you want it! We believe that everyone should have the experience of picking fresh produce on your own land any season. The old-timers did it and now we can do it using improved varieties and organic methods. 706-265-5502

Other Events:

--International Appalachian Academy (at Revival Gardens) classes: Japanese language and culture study group meets every Wednesday night , 6;30-8:00 PM; and World History every Thursday evening 6:30-8PM.

--Visit the Revival Gardens every second Saturday for the Garden Bugs and River Critters Club during which we'll explore garden life between 9:30 and 11:30; and invertebrate life in the Etowah River using Geogia Adopt-a-Stream protocols (next to the garden) 1:30-4:00. Attend one or both, all ages welcome!

Why should we support Certified Organic?

Consumers and farmers deserve to have a qualified independent organization verify that organic methods are being practiced and that the grower keeps an open record of the farming inputs and outputs. Through such a verification process farmers and consumers begin to 'connect the dots' between the delicious food on our dinner tables and the living soil, watersheds, and wildlife within which good food is a part. Please make sure it's certified (third party verified) organic.
Thank you!