territorial/environmental economic religious political colonial
migratory/herding lifeways, environment drying-out for last 10,000 years -- this shift leads to the agricultural revolution as grasslands expand and agricultural production becomes more important water rights issues are underlying many of the religious/border disputes and joint Palestinian/Israeli water projects will be essential to all. Crossroads Mesopotamia/Egypt and wider connections during Persian/Greco-Roman/Abbassid/Ottoman periods. Current oil-based economy has changed economic dynamics significantly 9,000 BCE Jericho, neolithic non-Judaic (female diety/queen) Judeo settlement (out of Egypt) Egyptian control 1500; Largely multi-religious except during Jewish controlled periods

successive empires throughout Judeo-Christian-Islamic times Egyptian/Babylonian/Persian/Roman/Abbassid/Ottoman
(Islamic for last 1100 years) Palestine name for the region since 1200 BCE Phillistine settlement; Jewish King David control from 950, but continued reference to Palestine; Judea during Roman times after Cyrus the Great (Persian Empire) frees Jews in Babylon

Britain controlls Palestine from 1918 using the Balfour Declaration to protect local interests; Creation of Israel in 1947; many Arab states argue that this has been a continuation of colonia policies in the region that began with the Mandate system