How were rivalries between European powers played on the stages of the Ottoman Empire, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and China? (Greece, Serbia, Wallachia, Moldavia, France, Britain, Russia, Algeria, Malacca, Singapore, Burma, Malaya, Vietnam, New Guinea, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Java, "cultivation system," Opium Wars, Egypt, extraterritoriality. . .)

French, British, German, American, Japanese, Russian players in the "Great Game."
Who's on First?!
Ottoman Empire: Northern European powers encouraged and supported financially Christian regions of the empire to breakaway from the empire. Greece, Serbia, Wallachia, and Moldavia broke away and Greece celebrates its independence with a revival of the Olympics
1896 so that Greece.
Northern Africa: France and England beat Germany to the prize and England gets the prime territory of Egypt (Suez Canal) and Sudan during Napoleon's threat. France settles Algeria and other parts of northwestern Africa.
Central Africa: the Ivory and gold coasts are split up between France, Germany, and England while Belgium gets Central Africa (Congo). Mark Twain rails against Belgium Imperialism in the Congo and the otrocities committed against the African peoples (see the document on the CD ROM).
South Africa: Britain pushes out Holland and the South African gold and diamonds provide further incentive to stay there.
Southeast Asia: the French in Indochina (rubber); the Dutch in Indonesia (spices, rubber, and shipping lanes to China), the British in Hong Kong (given back to the Chinese in 1997 when the 100 year forced lease ran out).
East Asia: Japan takes Korea and defeats Russia who is looking for a warm water port either on the Mediteranean or the Pacific. Germany has part of the Guandong peninsula.