National Standards in Technology Education

Standard: 1 (of three standards at

Knows the characteristics and uses of computer hardware and
operating systems

Sources: NBEA: National Standards for Business Education, p. 92 (Implied)
North Carolina Computer Standards, p. 155 (Implied)
Texas Technology Application Standards, p. 2 (Explicitly stated)

Internet Connections - Technology

Level I: Primary (Grades K-2)

Identifies basic computer hardware (e.g., keyboard and mouse, printer, monitor, output,
hard and floppy disk, case for the cpu [central processing unit])

Powers-up computer, monitor, and starts a computer program (e.g., checks that
printer is switched on and on-line; reboots the computer when necessary)

Knows the alphanumeric keys and special keys (e.g., function keys, escape key, space
bar, delete/backspace, return/enter)

Knows proper finger placement on the home row keys

Handles diskettes and other computer equipment with care

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