English Explorers introduces world geography and shows simply, how the English language came to be used in so many parts of the world.  The exploration begins with the largest landmass at the equator, Africa, and moves "on foot" to Europe and England.  In England we learn about the invention of the steam engine and how the English people made a steam boat to go to India to buy tea.  We draw our own boats and travel with the Engish Explorers to South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, and the Americas.  The first part of the story ends in India and the second part continues on to Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.  Students have fun drawing the world map and their steam-boat, and learn several English words (the continents and a few countries) and phrases (Where do you want to go?).  The story requires two to three hours, including word recognition games.  The story prepares the students for exchanges with students in other countries.

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