The third story, Turtle Island is an adaptation of a Cherokee Indian creation story and a common Native American view of North America as a Turtle Island.  The story connects with the story of human migrations in the Everyone's Birthday Party, and focuses on the southern Appalachian region of North America where native peoples there made stories to describe its unique geography, plants, and animals.  It is a cute story of plants and animals living above the rainbow before the creation of North America, Turtle Island.  The water-beetle helps form the land by bringing up some mud from under the water which spreads out to form the Appalachian mountains.  Other plants and animals involved in the story include pine trees, cedar, holly, and laurel trees, mountain cats, owls, flying squirrels, and crawfish.  The story is meant to show that people all over the world make stories to describe their local environment.  While telling the story, the teacher  draws a picture on the blackboard and students draw a similar picture of their own on construction paper.  Simple English words and phrases are emphasized throughout the lesson.

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