Japanese Language and Culture
Summer 2010 Calendar
from the top of Mt. Fuji

Japanese Language and Culture: Classes meet every Wednesday, 6:30-8:00PM. Conversational topics range from home-stay communication, history, environment, education, corporate management and the world economy. Sayuri Aoyagi-Adams, the instructor is a veteran Japanese primary school teacher. Her assistants, Joe (husband), Sarah, Etowah, and Selu (children ages 11, 10, and 9) will provide you with plenty of chances to converse and review materials that you can also take home to practice.

Cost: Individualized (one to one) instructin is $30 for a 90 minute session. Group instructional rates for two students or more are $20 per student; for three to six students, $18 per student; and for groups over six students, $15 per student per class.

Contact Joe or Sayuri at 706 265-5502 for a phone interview and registration.

Current lesson for fast-learning students

Series of Workshops given in the Winter and Spring of 2010 to Koyo Bearings USA

Learning from Death in Japan (a presentation at a local church in Dahlonega GA, May 25, 2008)

Other presentations given to girl scouts (2007) and boy scouts (2009)

Japanese Local Story (in Japanese)