Art from fourth graders at Irjiri Primary School, Koushu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, Japan 2007
Artwork from students in Lumpkin County Georgia, USA here.

In "frog eggs" the boy in the picture is in the creek, or pond,  lifting up a strand of frog eggs with a stick. His face is well drawn and probably shows his joy and wonder with the gooey egg strands.

In "river crab" the boy has just captured a river crab and by the look on his face, it was a bit tricky to grab it without getting pinched.

In "fireflies" the girl stands in the creek, he eyes lit- up like the hundreds of fireflies floating in the air around her. In Japan, fireflies have a larvae stage in the water, so their presence indicates that the water is clean. The firefly larvae eats snails that live on the rocks in the water.

In "catching fish" the boy is attempting to catch fish with his hands. In the summer, many schools and community clubs bring in a bunch of fish to put in a small pool to let kids attempt to catch them with their hands. It's a lot of fun!

"I am trying to catch a fish by hand, but not having much luck."

"I go to the creek with my dogs and watch little fish. The water is cold!"