First Graders at Lumpkin County Elementary School January 2007
Exchanged with students in Japan (back to Japanese kids art).

A river has cold water. A river leads to a waterfall.
I have been to that river before.
The river had fish in it.                                          by Will


One time I jumped off of a rock in the water.         by Travis

Once on an invertebrate test we found an eel-looking thing.
First I thought it was a snake.
Finally it was time to go to the house,
and then I found out that it was a lamprey.          by Etowah

I went to a river and it was fun
and I went tubing and that was
fun too!!!                                                           by Kyle

I played in a river.
In the river I saw a group of fish.                      by Margaret

I went to the river. In a tree I saw a rope.
I swung and swung and swung, then the next day I went there
and I swung and swung and swung.                       by Jacob

I saw a watch in the river
and I picked it up and it was
wet!                                                               by Kattie

We went tubing in a big waterfall.                    by Courtnie

My family went to a creek.
I was very fun and was very big,
and we played a long time.                             by Larrenda

Me and my family went to a river to play with
waterguns. We were shooting water at each other
in the river and it was fun.                                 by Sydney

I have gone boating in the river before
with my family and long ago I went to
a cook-out at the river and went
fishing too.                                                       by Cayla

I went to Mountain Lakes and it had a water slide
and a big waterfall and a hot, hot, hot tub.             by Carlie

Once I went to a river at my Popo's.                    by Cindy

I was coming home and I saw
a waterfall and I saw a bird.               by Eric